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Welcome new fliers

Stephen Wills
Kerrie Palamountain
Roder Palamountain
Colin Gardiner
Eleanor Gardiner
Ed Peter
Jordan Mackavoy
Mark Milevski
Phil O'Connell
Luke Collins
Byron Harvie
Ross Kingham

Our latest fleet addition

Never to young to learn
14 years oid

BBcue day at MBLAFS

bbcue day

Recent Achievements
Michael Obst - Cross Country
James Kissell - Navigation
Stan Nowakow-Pilot Certificate
Ed Peter- Passenger Endorsement
Mark Milevski- 1st solo
Ed Peter - Pilots Certificate
Ed Peter - Navigation
James Kissell - Pilots Certificate
James Kissell - Passenger
Samuel Marc - 1st solo
Ed Peters -1st solo
James Kissell - 1st solo
James Draper - 1st solo


Remember - MBLAFS BBcue
1st Saturday each month



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New Instructor

Ian McDonald joins our instructor team. Meet Ian here


How good a pilot are you ...really? Good question.

RAAus pilots are required to renew their Pilots Certificate by participating in a Bi-annual Flight Review (BFR) - once every two years..

Experience with BFR’s has shown that the vast majority of pilots allow their skill levels to slip….some considerably!!. Lack of practice of the more skilled aspects of their flying, fear maybe. So what’s the solution? A good pilot NEVER stops learning. That’s how we ensure our skill levels are at their peak…every time we fly.

RAAus encourages pilots to continue with their flying skill development by adding “endorsements” to Certificate. Formation, Tail dragger, Low performance  and many more. One VERY IMPORTANT endorsement is the Advanced Pilot Award (APA). For your ongoing skill development we highly recommend that you add this endorsement to your Certificate. Yes there is an investment involved BUT safety is always a cost. So what’s involved?

The RAAus Advanced Pilot Award Syllabus can be found here

We train pilots who want to improve their flying skills in exactly the same way as we train pilots who are just starting out. We have an established program and fly dual through each section then send you off solo to practice. You pay as you train and when you reach the required standard of proficiency you earn your APA “wings”.

Initially we concentrate on your:-

Aircraft performance
Take off safety, including engine failures with and without runway available.
Skill development includes:-

    • Lazy eights – none aerobatic! A great way to hone your stick, rudder, aileron and throttle control inputs.
    • Lazy 8
    • Steep 360 deg gliding turns
    • Sideslipping turns
    • Stall recovery in climbing and descending turns
    • Stall recovery in skidding turns
    • Stall recovery in steep gliding turn
    • Ground reference manoeuvres
    • Gliding from overhead with accuracy
    • Crosswind take-off and landing

Many of these aspects of flight you will have encountered in your rookie training. The difference here is we are looking to sharpen those initial skills and help you develop into the very best pilot you can be.

How many hours are required? There is no minium time frame. It's solely based on proficiency. We would suggest somewhere between 5-10 hours would be a reasonable time.

Too many students learn to fly. They don’t develop into fully “skilled” pilots. That’s what we do with the Advanced Pilots Award.

Give Mike a call today to discuss the Advanced Pilots Award and book in for one of the best things you can do once you gain your Pilots Certificate…  You won’t regret it.

Read what can be achieved

Experience 1

Experience 2

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Latest Prices

  • Current prices - Jabiru J160 and 170 H&F $160 per/h. With instructor $190 p/h
  • Current prices - Jabiru J230 H&F $180 per hour. With instructor $210 p/h
  • Trial Instruction Flight for $90 (30 mins)
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