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Welcome new fliers

Stephen Wills
Kerrie Palamountain
Roder Palamountain
Colin Gardiner
Eleanor Gardiner
Ed Peter
Jordan Mackavoy
Mark Milevski
Phil O'Connell
Luke Collins
Byron Harvie
Ross Kingham

Our latest fleet addition

Never to young to learn
14 years oid

BBcue day at MBLAFS

bbcue day

Recent Achievements
Michael Obst - Cross Country
James Kissell - Navigation
Stan Nowakow-Pilot Certificate
Ed Peter- Passenger Endorsement
Mark Milevski- 1st solo
Ed Peter - Pilots Certificate
Ed Peter - Navigation
James Kissell - Pilots Certificate
James Kissell - Passenger
Samuel Marc - 1st solo
Ed Peters -1st solo
James Kissell - 1st solo
James Draper - 1st solo


Remember - MBLAFS BBcue
1st Saturday each month



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New Instructor

Ian McDonald joins our instructor team. Meet Ian here


Meet our instructors


MBLAFS's greatest strength is its highly qualified, diverse, and passionate team of instructors. Our instructors take great pride in contributing to your personal success as an aviator. Whether it is your very first discovery flight or if you are adding on additional ratings to your pilot’s licence, our experienced instructors craft a training program that suits your individual goals and thoroughly prepare you for your Recreational Licence. You receive individual, one-on-one attention to ensure that you are meeting your aviation objectives. This is an extremely efficient process that will save you money by focusing on you, your learning style and getting you the most out of each flight lesson!

Meet the Team:

Mike Chapman (CFI) - I learnt to fly in the 90s as the first Jabiru aircraft hit the Australian market and became available in flying schools. Even though I was living in Adelaide at the time I decided to do all of my flight training in Murray Bridge, to take advantage of the better flying weather.

I enjoyed flight training and learning to fly so much that after obtaining my Recreational Pilot Certificate and gaining enough hours of flight time I continued my studies to become a Recreational Aviation Australia Instructor, and later my Private Pilot Licence.

Now I have my own flying school and have owned several aircraft types and gained nearly 10,000 hours of flight time. Most of this time has been spent passing on the joy of flying to my students. I remain very loyal to Jabiru aircraft as a great primary training aircraft to obtain your RAAus Pilot Certificate.

Paul Smith (Senior Instructor) Paul has been flying since he did his TIF in June 2000, having been excited by the Jabiru concept at the Barossa Air Show that year. He now has over 550 hours covering Jabiru LSAs, Lightwing, J160, J170, J230, Texan, Gazelle, Piper Warrior and Archer, Cessna 172, and even powered hang gliders. He is a Senior Instructor (RAAus) with over 400 instructional hours logged, and in 2011 achieved his Private Pilot Licence. Students have ranged in age from 15 to 80+ from all walks of life. Paul’s childhood ambition was to be either an aeronautical engineer or a school teacher – as an instructor he figures he’s achieved both in a perfect combination! With an engineering and human resources career behind him, Paul enjoys delivering both the classroom theory and the hands-on flying. He is part-time here at the school. His longer term goal is to own and fly an amphibian from a waterfront home, while his aviation motto is “Good pilots never stop learning”.
  Ian McDonald (Senior Instructor) I started flying at Murray Bridge in 2007 having flown in a formation with a friend. That was it. I joined a flying school the next week and obtained my RAAus Certificate. Once the flying bug entered my life I went on to fly as many different aircraft as were available including the Jabiru range LSA, J160, J170, JH230, Technam, Foxbat and CT to name a few.

Every student is given the highest standard of safety whilst having fun. It’s all about the journey more than the destination.

Come and join me in “my airborne office”. Just give Mike a call (0412 744611) and start your life’s adventure. You won’t regret it.

Brian Bryan Chapman - (Ground Instructor) I live in Adelaide and enjoy flying. My first experience of flying was at Goolwa airfield where I achieved my first solo and gained my general aviation pilots certificate flying mainly in a Cessna 172.

However while holidaying in Queensland I visited the Jabiru aircraft factory and took a test flight in a recreational flying registered Jabiru aircraft.

This started a long lasting association with Recreational flying and Murray Bridge Light Aircraft Flying School at Pallamana airfield where my skills as a TAFE lecturer are still very useful briefing students prior to their practical flying lessons.

We welcome people of all ages to come for a test flight in our range of aircraft or just call in and have a look at our facilities.







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Latest Prices

  • Current prices - Jabiru J160 and 170 H&F $170 per/h. With instructor $200 p/h
  • Current prices - Jabiru J230 H&F $190 per hour. With instructor $220 p/h
  • Trial Instruction Flight for $95 (30 mins)
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