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bbcue day

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Michael Obst - Cross Country
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Ed Peter - Pilots Certificate
Ed Peter - Navigation
James Kissell - Pilots Certificate
James Kissell - Passenger
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Ed Peters -1st solo
James Kissell - 1st solo
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Dreams Do Come True

Saturday April 28th – a special lesson today

(35 hours in my Log Book, a cautious learner).

Today’s log – left the standard circuit we do around the operational runway and departed Pallamana Airfield, headed South East approximately 5 miles out, in the direction of Tailem Bend. Sun shining, Decided on 2,000 feet, view of the River Murray, terrific, but you know what was best – I was by myself, SOLO.

A real first, a personal milestone! In solo circuits, with their takeoffs and landings, it’s all work, checklists and precision, but out here, freedom at last, this is what flying is about!

Bliss for five minutes. Next though, I had to turn around, tell other aircraft in my area where I was and that I was inbound, etc. Then overfly the runway to join downwind, all as per instruction.

Hey, there’s already another Jabiru on downwind. A quick calculation needed, panic doesn’t come into it. There’s a radio call for this situation; “I have you visual – I’ll go number 2″, so I let him (and others) know — who’s in command here, I like it.

Two more shallow bank turns, then it’s late final, or the moment of truth, getting me and my beloved trainer on the ground. Good job it’s a docile aircraft and the wind’s straight down the runway. Crosswind landings, still to come!

To think, I’ve learned all this at Murray Bridge, in just 6 months, and didn’t start until I turned 60! I say “go for it”, beats motorcycling.

John Heather, RA-Aus student – watch this space!



Learning to Fly was always a dream of mine

I had always wanted to learn to fly, except I had one problem – I was scared of heights! With the urging of my wife, I finally called 3 separate flight schools in and around the Murray Lands. Mike was the only CFI that phoned back.

We decided to go for a first lesson, rather than an introductory flight. I didn’t tell Mike or the instructor Paul that I was scared of heights figuring that I would just man up about it.

That first flight was magic, after taxiing to the end of the runway the feeling of hitting full throttle on the plane and then lifting off into the air was a feeling of freedom that I was craving.

It was a beautiful blue sky day and Paul was right there beside me guiding me on how to steer the aircraft and move it to altitude.

After the lesson, Paul got me to guide the plane all the way in to almost the landing. We landed together with the softest landing – it felt really good!

After about 10 odd hours of flying, I remember looking down on the field from 1200 ft. and thinking – I’m not actually scared anymore. Just getting used to flying was enough to overcome my fear.

I now have my full license and I have used the personal development I’ve gained to achieve other goals in my life – besides going for a flight regularly!

Andy S. – Monarto.




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