If you haven't flown before then it's fair to say that you don't know yet what you don't know! AGREED?

There are several Recreational flying schools in the outer metro Adelaide area.
So which one do you choose? Let us help you choose. It's easy. No other school offers the complete package.

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A great array of 3 late model and one rag & tube Recreational aircraft to choose from.

We own all our aircraft and don't hire from others. All aircraft are maintained by our highly experienced aviation mechanic who is the Chief Flying Instructor.

A great fleet of Australian made aircraft .

Free ground theory instruction.

We take you through the entire curriculum. Free of charge.

Ground theory is vital in assisting you to learn. All training is FREE!

All required exams are provided FREE of charge.

Many schools charge for theory tests.

We don't.

We will have you up here faster for less investment.

Our training costs are less
than other comparable flight schools.

Check out our hourly charges. You'll be surprised. Save 10-20%

Choice of instructors.

Find the instructor that suits
your learning style.

Age is no limitation.

So here's the challenge

If you can find a better flight training offer with a commercial flight school we will give you your first lesson with us free of charge. Call us now to accept this GREAT offer and get flying.

Come on. What are you waiting for?